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Update, 4/25/20, Sold


Looking to sell my V10 to upgrade to buy either a KS16x or KS18xl. 

I would keep the wheel if I didn't already also own a Onewheel Pint and XR...My gf prefers to keep them. 

The V10 is my first wheel, but I learned on my friend's Ninebot S1 as a beginner. 


V10 (Non F) 2019 version with the 750W battery. 

Acquired: From eWheels on Feb 26, 2020. 

Miles:  under 300 miles (482 km) *subject to change.

Appearance: Very minor scratches from tipping over once, but it is only at the foot pedal.  The protective covering has never been taken off since unboxing. 

Includes: Inmotion protective covering, stock charger, original box, eWheel-branded wrist guard (unused), slimed wheel

Notes: I've gotten 30 miles (48 km) riding an avg 10 mph (16 kph) with about 20% battery remaining. About 2 miles (3.2 km) per volt. Fastest ridden speed is 18 mph (28.9 kph) and it is plenty fast. Only ridden on pavement.  Blue self made kuji pads will be removed. 

Local sale only please. *Price drop $850  *reflective of mileage. PM for questions.  I still ride it. 


Wheel pics








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Price 925 -> 900-> 850, pics added, added state
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  • meepmeepmayer changed the title to WTS V10 (Non F) 750Wh Battery - Orange (Orange County) - $925 - Under 200 miles (321 km) - Local Sale Only

Obligatory: if you value your g/f (particularly her health) you should teach her to ride/feel more comfortable on the V10 and sell one or both of the death-trap OW's instead. ;-p


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