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Gotway Monster V1 $600 22" minus batteries 84v 1600wh or 2400wh

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I took delivery of a new wheel and used my existing batteries.    So my old daily is up for grabs. (No batteries) I left a review on this unit at ewheels.com.  Please read it, they are a beast. 

 Gotway monster V1, 84v, (1600wh or 2400wh) purchased from jason at ewheels.  It would be a great platform to build off of.  The shell isnt the best as most monster V1's.  It does come with the seat. Tire holds air.  Motor is solid and quiet.  The green power wire will need to be resoldered to the board. (I should have fixed it myself and kept it)   I could/would have done it myself, but I would rather be transparent,  so not look like I'm hiding something. This sale will include a 5a fast charger from ewheels that's used, for free.   The mosfets are fine, I am unable to post photos, but will reply with some to interested parties with an email, and, if you leave your number I will call.   I'm in the bay area but will ship for $60.  

PayPal, cash or venmo preferred 

I live on a yacht, and as much as I love monsters, two wheels isnt ideal.  Thanks for reading.  


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On 4/15/2020 at 9:24 PM, MonsterV1 said:

... It would be a great platform to build off of...

I can absolutely second this for anyone interested! Check out the thread I made showing what you can do with one of these!


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