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When is the EUC temperature too hot?

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I recently got my first EUC, a Kingsong 16X.  I figured it out relatively quick and started riding public roadways.  More recently I’ve been tackling some steep hills in my area and I noticed the temperature going up to about 110 Fahrenheit.  Unfortunately the DarknessBot app doesn’t have a red line to let you know if the tempers is redlining.  How hot is too hot? Is it model specific or do most run well up to a certain temperature. 

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42 minutes ago, Steev1705 said:

up to about 110 Fahrenheit.

That should be about normal operational temperatur.

28 minutes ago, buell47 said:

I'd take a break at 150.

Afaik it depends on brand and model.

But 150-160 is afair the range of overtemp alarm.

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All wheels (at the very least) beep at you when they get too hot. No beep, no problem. Typical beep temps range from 69°C (~156°F) to 79°C (174°F) depending on the model.

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