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What's the new Uniwheel? inmotion v3c v first wheel gizmo?

Ck Taylor

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So.. I'm about to buy an euc.

1stQuestion:  Inmotion V3C or first wheel gizmo/surf/dyno

-I don't want to fall off (bad back) particularly when starting or stopping when I'm learning how to use it and I want something that is easy to carry - e.g. using a handle. Anyone know which of these are better?

2ndQuestion: Should I wait for the uniwheel

The store says it's about to bring in the uniwheel which is made in the UK. Does anyone know if and why this would be a better choice?


many thanks:)


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Hi, @Ck Taylor , Welcome! I can't answer your question about the relative merits of the Inmotion, Firstwheel, or Uniwheel models you are considering, but I can share my experience that might help your decision.

First off, I can practically guarantee that you will fall off as you are learning, unless you are a savant like my neighbor's son who asked "what is that?" then stepped on and made a lap of his house on his first try. I have been riding steady for a few months, and I still fall. I don't fall on my daily commute to work, but when I am playing around in my yard and pushing obstacles I often tumble. The body parts I find most prone to injury are wrists, knees, and hips. I have heard of injuries to ankles, elbows, and ribs in others. I think you and your doctor would know best if the activity is for you. Protective gear can help.

Using an electric unicycle is a ton of fun, even in the wobbly first stages of learning I had a blast. I think that anyone with a reasonable amount of balance, coordination, and lower leg/core strength can master it. There are obvious comparisons to the skills needed for a bicycle, skateboard, skiing, snowboarding, or surfing, but looking back, I feel that the motions and movements are most like ice skating. I hope that you get the chance to ride because it is really enjoyable.

The EU's with an integrated handle are cool, but you can add on a trolley/handle to most models; I have found the add-on trolley handles I use within the 25-70 dollar range. Don't let a model without a handle be a deal breaker.

When I looked at the specifications for the models you listed above, it was my impression that they had entry level capabilities, which is no problem if they will suit the planned use for the EU. The Inmotion you listed is a double wheel unit: I have never ridden one, but I have read that it makes it easier to balance when you are still or travelling in a straight line, but it can make turns and maneuvering tougher. The three First wheel units you listed are a smaller 12 inch wheel (gizmo) a 14 inch single wheel (surf) and a double wheel model (dyno). I can't find data on the Uniwheel. With regards to them being entry level, they all have a small battery 132 Wh, and a low top speed 16-18 km/hr. These characteristics would be good for someone wishing to go on short fun trips at a comfortable speed, as well as limited commutes or errands. If you foresee a need for longer trips, a higher top speed, or capability for faster acceleration or climbing ability, you may want to extend your search.

I got my entry level EU with similar capabilities to the ones you listed for $300, It would be good value to find such a choice at that price or less.

In my personal opinion, a bigger wheel makes for a better smoother ride, but I agree with those who say that a smaller wheel allows for quicker, tighter turns at low speeds. What you pursue depends on what you like.

After making sure that the activity is safe for you, you might want to seek out a vendor who would let you try an EU in a controlled setting before you buy. And since you are considering a double wheel EU, you might want to get information on the alternatives of the wider stance'd "hoverboards" or a Segway mini: but in my opinion a single wheel EU is so much more fun!

Good luck! 


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