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16x or MSP - your input needed

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Sold my V10F yesterday - I am already itching for a ride!!! 
So I wanted to get a little more power/torque and larger battery for some better range - short listed to between 16x and MSP for new wheel. At 91kg my V10F was only getting me about 30-35km in colder weather 6C, hard riding.
Need a good all round wheel for commuting to work, some joy riding in evenings and weekends - I am not a speeder (I mostly cruise 30kph) - and I want to do more trail riding. 
Torque --- So per Marty's mountain test reviews - he kinda estimated the Torque to be about the same maybe with the 16x a little bit more but he never put to the short stall hill that he did with the MCM5 and MSP -  16" 2200W versus 18" 2600W - sounds reasonable based size power and size. 
Range  --- Marty's range test put the 16x a bit longer at 64miles(102km) and the MSP at 58miles(93km) if I remember correctly - again I would put them at about the same given only a 6 mile(9.5) difference. If you had to walk that maybe not!!!
Ride quality --- 18" wheel will be smoother on the rough trails vs 16 = so if torque about same,  maybe 18" the way to go if I want to do more trails. BUT how much bigger is the MSP wheel when you compare with tires on? Coming from a 16"x2.5" on the V10F to a 16"x3" is still an improvement from what most are saying.
For Trails per Marty, Chooch and Kuji  - MSP is the best trail wheel to date but the 16x is no slouch!
Light --- I commute "to" work in the dark mornings of Spring and Fall so the MSP light is better.  I put Marty's comparisons of each side by side and the MSP wins for sure  - but I already have a flashlight from use with my V10F that I could use with the 16x but it would be nice to ride without hold one.
Peddles - both big but V10F was very flat(dihedral angle) compared to MSP so going to 16x will easier transition - but MSP pedals can be moded to reduce the angle if I dont like them. This may be a moot issue.
Trolley  -- I go grocery shopping with the wheel so with also bringing into my work building I do bit of trollying. No one that I know of has every complained about the 16x handle. I have heard a few bad things about the Msuper handle - Kuji Rolls shows a good example of getting out of control, which I do not want to happen while in the grocery store. I have not had the pleasure to try an Msuper handle so I can only go by what is posted which is more negative than positive from what I have discerned.
So do I save a few hundred and go with 16x that has a great handle and meets most of my other criteria or go with the new MSP which is the new 18" King of trails.
Your thoughts are appreciated.
Cheers, Patrick
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It really comes down to how you fit on the wheel. I am a newer rider but I have taken to this pretty well. I have had a V10F, Nikola (which I traded), an MSX, and a 16S. They are all very different wheels. I like the V10F best for cruising and it handles second best to the MSX. My wife, my son and I really hated the Nikola's ergo's. I much preferred my MSX for high speed turning and riding. The angled pedals really make a huge difference when cornering at 25 mph plus speeds. However, I had to remove the stock side pads on my MSX and replace with Motorcycle Tank Grip pads which are so much thinner and very grippy. I had to get the wheel adjusted to my personal frame. 


 I don't believe either wheel is going to be bad. I believe it will come down to how you ride and how the wheels are going to fit you. I haven't had the chance to ride both wheels but I can tell you ergonomics is probably the biggest factor. In my book I would go with the MSP, only because I love the ergonomics of my MSX. Newer battery technology, similar range and the big tire makes off roading slightly easier. Although, the Nikola still holds the crown for bumps and smoothness. It felt like it had a suspension compared to the hard riding MSX. 

Hope this helps!

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KS16X Handle is king 45km/h wheel if you are 90kg+ its great product overall. Absolutely failing against weather/wet damage miles from inmotion level.

MSP i no have personal experience lower range (range is realy speed related) handle looks not practical (read not Ks16x level absolutely). MSP relatively small pedals feel. Speed Nikola plus same range.

I have V10F we want change/sell it. Is hard choice now i love everything on ks16x i not buy one again only because water proofing (V10F ) .

MSP im scary about range (real FUN range my ks16x give me 40km/25mile 115kg 43psi) 100V 2,5Kw bigger magnets this thing just burn batery more compare to 16x just physics/science. 

Hybrid solution take nikola plus. Where/how you ride must be factor one.   

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I'm really happy with my 16X. If it were 100V and had the same speed limit as the MSP I wouldn't be side-grading to it.

I am knowingly sacrificing bigger, comfier pedals, an industry-best trolley handle, and an ability to seamlessly blend into a professional environment for more speed. 6 months ago that kind of utility-driven decision wouldn't have made sense to me, but then again, 6 months ago I would ALSO be sacrificing torque and hill-climbing ability, but I'm counting on the MSP to match my 16X there.

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The MSP and KS16X are very different. The 16X takes much less force to turn.  The steering on the  16X is more sensitive than the V10 while the steering on the MSP is less sensitive than the V10. The 16X is more of an oversize trick wheel while the MSP is more of a bulldozer.  It takes more force for all movements. Both wheels have a smother ride  than the V10 if you get your tire pressure dialed in. Both the MSP and 16X have specialized capabilities that other wheels do not have. 

A great all around more generalized wheel would be the KS18XL. 

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