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Jack King Song

S18 Launch - All Info will be posted here. (Official)

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6 minutes ago, buell47 said:

@Jack King Song

What is the maximum charge current?

Does it also have a dual Lenovo charging port like the 16X / 18L?

With the tiny battery, it would be important to be able to charge with 10A without hesitation. Otherwise that would be a reason for me not to buy this beautiful wheel. :(


Currently my engineer has told me nothing above 5a is fine. 

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4 hours ago, gon2fast said:

Jack  - how hard/easy is it to change the shock (if I wanted to replace with a Fox for example)? 

Same question for changing tire.


Bought one,

please answer.

Thanks again

I don’t have the prototype but it should be fairly simple. The suspension is located in the back held place by two sockets, unscrew those and put a new one in. 

2 hours ago, ShanesPlanet said:

The specs say you are wrong... this has been your correction.   The pack is configured in a 20S3P/60 cell configuration, using the LG M50T 5Ah 21700 format cells, for total capacity of 1,1110Wh.  (ewheels specs on website)     I havent personally been able to confirm these specs.

This is correct. 

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Just now, Jason McNeil said:

There is an option for Customers worried that the 1110Wh pack won't cut it for their needs, King Song have an external 780Wh power-bank, raising the total potential capacity to 1,890Wh, which we have in stock. This would require fitting into an external back-pack & having a tether wire trickle charging the main pack @ 3A, while it's not perfect, it should be a workable solution. The price for this hardware is $650. 



Quoted from the S18 discussion topic.

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