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New EUC rider Which one to pick V8F or V10F ??

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Hey all,

I am a 51 years young new rider to be 🤪 but now i am in a Big crisis. I have, long time ago, ordered the new V8F but it is still not avaible from the dealer, so now i am i doubt about if i should get the V10F instead? Please Help me out. I am only 168 cm high so will it be too big to handle?

Sincerrely Jimmy

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Hey, I know exactly how you feel, you’re waiting for a decision but you’re having some doubts. I started my riding career on a V10f, I was stuck between the V8and V10f. I researched, asked the forum, made comparison charts, and it came down to the V10f.
My decision should be similar to yours, so here’s what I can offer. Although the V10f is MUCH heavier (50 lbs compared to 29), your trading that weight for a 2x stronger motor and almost double the battery as well. Plus, it’s not like your lifting the wheel a whole lot. A heavier wheel is actually more comfortable and stable to ride, from my experience and from what I hear. The V8f although a good improvement over the V8; you don’t want a little hill to kick you off the wheel due to overload. This is where the V10f shines. Let’s not forget about the battery too. Always take the advertised range with a grain of salt, so finding the best range out there is priceless. In conclusion, if you really want a wheel that will last you a long time, the V10f is the best option from INMOTION. I guarantee that you will one day outgrow the V8/F. I’m overall very happy that I chose the V10f over the V8 in the past. PS, the new V11 is coming out in a few days, see if that interests you :)

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Short answer: Yes, get the V10F instead!

Long answer: It depends on the details (what do you want to do with the wheel, does it have to be easily carryable?), but ... most likely you should get the V10F instead!

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I started out on a V8 just about 2 years ago. I am 176cm and about 80kg. If I were to pick today of the choice you gave I wouldn't consider the V8f unless...1) you need to lift it alot up of stairs/into bus or train/only ride 10km or less all the time. 2) if you are on a tight budget, in that case I recommend save a bit more.  3) you are going to do free style only.

The V10F outshines with stronger motor and bigger battery. The size difference matters less. But the comfort from wider tire and stability of a heavier wheel can come in very handy in open areas when it is windy. Gusting cross winds can be tricky on a light wheel. Now the V8 feels like a toy to me compared to the V10f. As for the V8f sits in between....but I sense from others asking bigger battery is never a bad thing (well disregarded the cost). 

I got my V10f last 11.11 and I am pretty impressed about the bang for the bucks I got. My other wheels are at 2000€ price the V10f cost only 1250€ at the time. 

On picking a wheel I think the speedyfeet guide to pick a wheel is the best general advice to look at. 

Note: This is the first wheel, you are likely to buy more. Most of us did/do still. 

And about handling, I found the first to 1.5 hours to be the hard part after that it becomes an extension of your body. Some do this faster, some slower. But in general I doubt a wheel will be too big in the 16" to 18" currently sold. 

One other thing. The V10f had its bugs ironed out as I see it. The V8f, well 1st batch often have something that adds flavour to the ownership.

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Dear all fellow riders,

Thank you so much for your replies. I have finally taken a decision and changed my order to V10F :-)

And now I wait impatiently.... That shitty Corona virus is destroying everything. I placed my order 02 feb. 

So when my new wheel  arrives you will hear alot more from me :-D


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