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Storing the Ninebot Z10 for a long time

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I'm wondering if anybody have any tips for storing the Ninebot Z10 for a long time, regarding the battery drain, and how long you can store it without charging? Should I charge it to 100% before I store it or is this also bad for the battery? I have heard somewhere that there is about 1% battery drain per day, anyway to mitigate it?

The reason I'm asking is that because of the corona virus I might have to leave Spain to go back to my home country, and I have no idea how many months it would be before I'm able to come back.


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The Z-series of wheels continuously drain the batteries, even when off. 

If I were in your position, after charging to 80 - 90% I would open the wheel and disconnect the batteries. Here's one video that shows the battery connections that need to be broken


You should be able to do this by only removing the right side panel.


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