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Tips from my first 250 miles. Big, tall, and older.

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The SUV of humans!! Great video, well put together and thanks! Your learning curve closely mirrored mine. Thanks for the share! Nothing like gliding down the road on a big comfy/stable wheel. I agree, after the 100mi of being scared, it suddenly gets easier and you get to just quit thinking so much and enjoy. Again, thanks for the share, good stuff! fwiw 35psi for my 135lb butt. You are right, tire pressure is a lot of it.

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Excellent presentation Dart! It was so comfortable watching your video I could have easily pulled up a chair next to you and shared a beer.  :cheers:

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On 3/9/2020 at 2:07 PM, Dart said:

Hi All:


Hope this is the right place to post this. I just completed my first 250 miles commuting via electric unicycle.  Here are my lessons learned: I talk about training, being afraid, safety, gear, riding at night.


Great video Dart :cheers:

The only non-average part of your experience that doesn't translate very well is your prior unicycle experience. I have met multiple people who rode unicycles before getting an EUC and every single one was able to ride within 5-minutes like you said you could. For the rest of us mortals, it took a hell of a lot longer :D

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Good video, you mentioned a few items I hadn't thought about before. As a motorcyclist and transportation industry professional I'm acutely aware of high vis gear. Doing battle on another forum which advocates for bicycle riders I have for some strange reason been met with a tremendous amount of pushback on getting a hi vis vest. This makes absolutely no sense to me since the things cost $20 and down, and can fold up into a pocket. Why anyone would not keep one of these handy is just nonsensical in my view.

I bought some knee pads last year in lieu of getting knee and shin guards, I'm regretting that now that you mentioned getting slammed in the shin by a out of control EUC.

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So today I received the same knee and shin guards mentioned in the video. I opted for the small/medium ones (I'm 5' 10" 180 lbs), I'm glad I did as they are the perfect size on me. I put them on, got them comfy and then decided to ride the Mten3 around my courtyard for a bit. The very first thing I noticed with the knee and shin guards is that for better or worse they gave me some extra confidence. IE I knew in the back of my mind that if I fell off that I would at least have a few less parts of my body to worry about. :P

Unfortunately it started to drizzle almost immediately after going out and given the temperature I decided to not push my luck further in the era of a pandemic.. But I was happy for the brief outing and roll around.

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