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MCM5 power pad type mod for OEM pads


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Let's start with the history, got my MCM5 last year and fitted the pads straight away, took them off after about half an hour as I didn't like them and they hurt my legs.  Looking back now I could only just about do a mile ride at that stage so last week I thought I would give them another shot.  Felt I needed some pads for better acceleration and braking since fitting the 2.5 tyre as I'd lost a bit if both and I ride in soft mode.

So I did a quick mockup with some foam and double sided velcro over my existing silicon pads.  Much better to ride with but as usual it changes a few things which will take a little adjustment once it's complete.  It also seems to have got rid of any high speed occisilation when going fast, bonus.

This then progressed to wanting something that's looked a bit better so I made a mould and the parts out of some two pack adhesive.  

Waiting for some more double sided tape to come before they are completed.  Not perfectly symmetrical but they will pass and hopefully be complete tomorrow or Monday.  I'll post the completed photos then.  For now I'll show as much progress as I can starting with the foam versions.




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Missed the photo at the start with the mould cut and filed then lined with tape to hopefully give a smooth surface.  (See a later shot)

So I put tape on the gotway too and covered the mould in silicon grease then added the adhesive and smoothed off with a credit card.

First set of filled moulds.


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Other side and then both removed from the moulds, had to completely remove the mould from the gotway to get them out and them place back ready for the next set.



2nd set filled and testing the first set just to see how they look.


Offered up in place to see how they fit.


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So I continued with the pads as the double sided tape finally turned up.

Got them both covered using the UHU POR on the foam parts and left overnight.


Both covered.


Taped up the MCM5 for some reference points prior to fitment this morning.


Right pad fitted.


Left Pad fitted.


Final results, going to leave for another day so everything sticks really good.  When the pads need changing I shall remove leaving the mould's insitu.




All that's left is learning how to ride with them fitted.

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On 4/20/2021 at 4:18 PM, xiiijojjo said:

@Delmeekc In the future try to edit your original post to contain everything instead of posting 12 messages in a row. It is seriously triggering :w00t2:and not conducive to getting  people interested in joining the thread.

Bit late as a year old, lol.

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