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Inmotion v8f vs v10

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Seems like there’s very little separating these two wheels on paper. 

Can someone shed some light on the main difference between these two wheels? I have a feeling I’m missing something which differentiates them.

I’m wondering which wheel would be best for my dad if he continues to enjoy wheeling around. He’s 200 pounds, doesn’t off road, and is not concerned with performance or portability really. He likes his v5f+ that he’s learning in now though, so I think one of these skinnier wheels would be a logical next step.


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7 hours ago, mrelwood said:

There is a huge difference in the power output, and a big one also in weight and size. The battery also makes for a good bit longer range on the V10, V10F even more.

Yeah I see that about the motor specs, but then top speed is nearly the same, even more so since I’ve heard the speed throttling on the v10 starts very conservatively at 80% battery. I imagine it would feels about the same power-wise no?

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13 hours ago, Denny Paul said:

I imagine it would feels about the same power-wise no?

Not at all. Speed throttling doesn’t affect the wheel’s output power.

Just like with cars. Even if a Corvette was limited to 60mph, it would still be very powerful below that limit. It would quickly get you out of a tight situation where a family wagon would struggle.

Even if the wagon had a top speed of 120mph, it has low power so it might take a few minutes to get there. On an EUC, low power means slow acceleration that might not catch your lean or a bump, causing a crash by overlean.

The V8F is of course not a low power wheel in that sense, but I would call it lower medium. V10 is a high power wheel. V8F can sufficiently serve peaceful riders, but there are very few riders that even could overlean the powerful V10. As long as there is sufficient charge in the battery of course.

Isn’t the V8F throttled pretty much the same way?

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The V10 battery is twice as strong (and therefore safe) as the V8/V8F battery. I wouldn't recommend a V8/V8F for a heavier rider when so many better options are available.

So on paper the differences may seem small, but in reality the V10 is much better - or at least stronger. (Also, I always have to say, why get a V10 when it could be a V10F?;) Nobody ever regrets having more range, and the weight of the two wheels is exactly the same. The V10 is great too, though, especially the price.)

Nothing wrong with the V8F, though, but if you don't want one for the low weight/thin profile (which would be a perfectly valid reason!), there are better wheels around (like the V10/V10F).

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