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King Song riders: King Song app not available or working? Use a third party app!

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Worth mentioning though that on both DarknessBot and EUC World the speed settings, calibration and firmware updates are not and will not be available for KingSong wheels bought from Aliexpress, or otherwise outside the official western dealer network.

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Well it might be certified a little. Bad is a board term. 

There are certain things you are allowed to do and other thing that big red nono. Then there is the quality/stability and security concerns too. 

Exactly what was the reason I don't know but Apples policy för approval is much tighter now than so years ago. And they stand very firm on their way or the highway. 

On the android side KS app had issues on Samsung phones, which one of the bigger android brands. I suspect the amount of crash reports was the reasons to pull it. 

That is also why I dislike to install from other places than the official app store. This mean there is less security rist from an app store as I view it. 

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