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16x LED issue/question


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Hey guys, I've had my 16x for a while and sometimes I attempt to use the color LEDs for fun or visibility but mine don't work properly, they do their thing (rotate, blink etc) for maybe 10 seconds then they either pause indefinitely or stop entirely? Can anyone provide insight?

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Both. I've experimented with different speeds, total stop etc, still does it.

I do use music but it does it whether I'm playing music or not.

Also, I dunno how to upload vids/pics here...

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Uh..I think so. That was happening before, when I thought it was just pausing, it paused green about halfway down (50ish% battery) so..yes, that makes sense.

I'll double check the music situation after work and report back 👍

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I once thought the ambient lighting was faulty too.

But I had the music just loud enough to switch from ambient mode to music spectra mode, and only the lower LEDs were flashing to the beat of the music because the volume was too low. You could not see that from above.

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29 minutes ago, Tazarinho said:

I have the same, and seem to remember @Skecys also did.

He did however recently swap out his board, so it would be interesting to know if this also fixed this issue.

Did it? :)


So far (fingers crossed), my 16x has been solid after the motherboard swap. Finally enjoying it worry-free. :rolleyes:

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