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Coming to SF - rental possibilities?


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Hey guys, I'll be staying in San Francisco from the 30th Nov-5th Dec visiting a close friend.

I can't take my soon-to-arrive Lhotz as British Airways won't allow it on the plane. Is anyone interested (or do you know someone who might be interested) in renting out a wheel to me? I'm happy to pay whatever is reasonable.

Would love to explore SF on an euc. I already know how to ride etc so I won't be punishing anyone's hardware! Cheers guys, let me know if that is an interesting proposition for anyone. ?


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Ok guys so I'm bumping this thread as a last-chance-saloon type plea.

Coming to the beautiful SF from 30th-5th. Would LOVE to rent someone's euc to hit those famous hills and I'm happy to pay decent cash for it. Even if just for 1 day or 2. 

Let me know if that's appealing to anyone!

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