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Advice: Never calibrate your tesla v1 (and more?) out on a long ride.


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I was trying to get the pedal angle right. Result is that after climbing a mountain I had a rest and decided to adjust the angle. Big mistake.

Symptoms were that it felt like the pedal angle was constantly moving back and forth. The fans inside the wheel were clicking on/off with 2-3 second intervals. The wheel started fine and didn't give any error beeps. Another symptom was that the auto shutdown came at weird angles. I could scrape the left pedal without it shutting off, but not the right. The wheel was unrideable. It felt like it was doing tiltback at any speeds over zero. I thought it was overheating at first or something.

Maybe it was because of the temperature (4 degC)or because I had just done a climb and the board was a bit warm or something. (Sys temp 40C). The calibration never really succeeded, but not because of any error. The machine started up fine but as soon as you set off to ride it wouldn't behave. It was completely useless.

I did the calibration three times, and after letting it cool down a bit. Took me nearly one hour. The last one I did was just as useless as the first.

I took a taxi home (cheap in China) and after checking the electricals for smells or damage I just started it up, recalibrated and it was fine again. Because my trolley handle is broken (I have a new on order) I had to carry the wheel. After sweating like crazy for 30min I realised I could tie my scarf to the handle and guide the wheel beside me. 

I hypothesize that the gyro is producing some intermittent poor values which maybe in the cold or heat, confuse the calibration process. It could also be the reason why the pedals dip sometimes when riding different terrain. It seems it's not a huge issue as one poor value doesn't cause a crash, just occasional odd behavior. 

Anyway, lesson is, never calibrate away from home. You might have to carry the wheel home.

On inmotion the gyro is absolutely rock solid in temps ranging minus 30C to plus 35C. Shame gotway.

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