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Smart wall plug are now the thing 2020

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Well partly joking but still. 

I saw some of you guys had times on your wall plug where you chargers are connected. 

Then @Seba gave yet another master tip, that when I looked it up was on sale. So today I got myself a TP-HS110 EU smart power plug.

As set up it was fairly easy. But what I like about this one is I can monitor how much power I use for charging my wheels. And I can turn it on or off by timer or schedule. 

Now I normally charge at work, as they like the green aspect compare to driving the car. So I will not get a full picture of my wheels power consumption from the wall but I will get some idea I guess. 

Anyway yet another gadget master tip from @Seba, that turned out superb. 👍😉👌Seba you are starting to cost me more money that @Marty Backe 💵😁.

So why start a topic for this. 

Well as new smart plugs appear so will new function. BTW this model is compatible with most smartphone assistance, azon/google and a few others. I have just not embraced the full out smart home yet, so I am not familiar with all these systems (yet). 

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I had a smartplug of a side-company, can't remember the name. 

It was great to be able to schedule the heater at night in my kid's room, start at 2am stop at 3:30am etc. Also it's fun when you leave the home in the summer for vacation you can schedule lights and a radio to open for like 5 times in a day so it seams you are home, for "reasons" :P

Now for our wheels, it's good to be able to have something that reports back stats for the charging of our wheels, after the "charge-doctor" project fell of the grid and we can't buy it, it's the best alternative. Still @Seba suggests it, and yes we will buy it! He does help the community and wants the best for us users/riders, so why not! ;)  :D . 

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When it comes to smart switches  Tasmota is the way to go. Tasmota is a custom open source firmware that has been very successful in the IoT world. It offers support for dozens of devices including the very affordable Itead Sonoff S26 smart socket. The firmware has implemented the Mqtt protocol on its core functionalities. Every device receives commands listening to an mqtt topic and publishes its state by sending messages to another topic. So it'd be awesome if @Seba could offer us a feature where the app communicates with our smart sockets through mqtt messages. In the case where the wheel is charging and the charging level reaches a threshold defined by the user then the app would send a message to the smart socket to turn it off.

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