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The Last Sunday of every Month Ride to Hooters and to The Korean Friendship Bell. LBC, Jan. 26th, @ 8 am.


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Well, it’s that time of the month again...The Last Sunday of every Month to Hooters! However, this time we will traverse over to San Pedro to visit The Korean Friendship Bell. This will be my first time there and we will be doing some explorations. We will ride for 75+ miles along the coast of California. So, please bring your charger. 


You know the drill.

Same Bat-station, same Bat-time.

The El Dorado Park Center

2760 N. Studebaker Rd. Long Beach, CA. 90815

8am behind the basketball courts. Roll out at 9am!


Ride rules:

-No one gets left behind. We wait for all riders and finish the ride together.

-No drama, save that for your baby’s mama.

-Have fun!


”My life without my Unicycle is just a mere countdown to death.”



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1 hour ago, Freewheeler said:

So sad. Glad Yoshi was ok, though.

I think 1:32 is precisely when it got damaged. We all thought it was the wood post, but then I replayed it.

Exactly. You can hear it and see the plastic come off the wheel. Everything else considered, not much damage. And if that's the only think that broke, he doesn't even need a new shell. Just a $20 cover.

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