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My thoughts about Nikola Plus 84V 2100Wh

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Nice review!

Just a sidenote, the original tire is CST as well, the C-1488. Which model did you replace it with?

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Thanks @mrelwood

The actual tire is a CST C-1773 ;)

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14 hours ago, Pingouin said:

Hi guys,

I got the chance to test out a Gotway Nikola + 84V 2100Wh with To247 mosfets. I have been using quite a during the last month (31 miles/day at least) with a total of 680 miles of riding.

The tire has been changed recently from the original one with gyro effect, to a more conventional one.

What I can say about this EUC, is that like @Marty Backe I love it ! Really !

With its 27kg it's on the heavy side, it feels as heavy as my old Monster 1600Wh. The original tire gave a "Z10" feeling to it. I got used to it, but I much prefer the feeling, the agility of the more conventional actual CST tire. If I compare the agility of the Nikola with actual tire to the MSX 1600Wh, it's about the same, although the MSX is much lighter in weight.

Changing the tire on the Nikola takes some time, it's not as easy as on other EUCs, lots of screws need to be removed, it takes up to 2h. After 4000km (2485 miles) no dust or sign of water getting inside, that's a good news. All is in good shape, exept for a small dent on the rim. The shell got scratches and dents, if fell a few times but no major damage to report.
I love the headlight, bright and wide enough to be able to see about 8m in front of you. I love how it decreases its brightness at standsill ! Side leds are cool during nightime, but I wish they were more visible because of the shell being smoked. The tailight with the "GW" can be seen at night but it's not sufficient imo to be seen from the distance.
The pedals are good, I think they should move on to the same grip that can be found on the 16X because in wet conditions I can still find myself sliding with these. There size is good for me, I still prefer the ones on the V10/F and 16X, maybe because they are less angled ?
I find the trolley to be very practical. I was doubtful about the design and the fact that it doesn't "lock" in place when in upward position, but its fine. I use it often in stores and it is very usable, easy to lift up unlike the more conventional ones (MSX, Tesla, 16X, 18l/XL..) and it doesn't need any lubricant over time to slide well.
I don't really like the handle, very wide and because of the weight unlike the MCM5 its very hard to lift it with one hand, but I can see the benefits from a designs perspective.
The speakers are fine but I don't use them. A swith has been added for the speaker, so that there is no longer the "boot up" sound when turning the Nikola on (must have).
I found that if you ride a certain speed in wet or muddy conditions, dust and water get on the back of the Nikola and on your trousers. A little mudguard has been added, there still are projections but it's much better. I think Gotway should have added a mudguard like on the MSX.

Most important is the feeling of the EUC, how it rides ! I really like the "glide" feeling, the softness in the acceleration in comfort mode. With CST tire, it's agile enough to be able to avoid obstacles quickly an urban environment. The max speed of the EUC is around 51kph or 31.7mph (final beep) with full battery, it decreases to about 40kph or 24.8mph at 20% battery which I feel is plenty of speed. I'm no longer a speed demon and I'm used to the V8 which is quite slow in comparaison.
Acceleration is very good but I really need to lean so much that I'm not very confident anymore. Testing showed that it can hold up with the acceleration of the Dualtron Thunder for the first 20m !
Acceleration from 0 to 25mph takes 3.59s from my testing (I got 3.81s for MSX 1600Wh, and 3.85s for KS18XL) which is perfect.
Regarding the range, with actuel temperature conditions (0-10°C) I get about 100km with a safe margin with an average speed of 19mph (riding between 16mph and 25mph most of the time) which is more than enough for me ! I guess that riding @15mph constantly would give be about 140km range (that would mean 180km during summer).

Overall, a very good EUC, I really like its design even more than the KS16X, I think gotway made some progress in reliability over the past generations and I hope they'll continue to improve !

Glad to hear that for the most part, you really like the Nikola :cheers:

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