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IPS133 clunk sound then loses drive

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Hi, I have an old IPS133 which suddenly developed a fault when I was trying to sell it (perhaps it got emotional)

When turned on and tilted it begins to drive, then you hear a clunk and the wheel becomes free for a second or so before the drive kicks in again before another clunk and so on

video probably explains is better - https://photos.app.goo.gl/331dE6BSTjCKctTY9

any ideas?

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Since the issue appears at a certain rotational point, the issue might be related to the hall sensors or their wiring. First thing would be to open it up and reconnect   the connectors.

If that fixes the issue, I’d still consider it to be a time bomb and unsuited for riding, until more thorough measures are taken to fix the issue so that it won’t appear again.


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