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FIRE WARNING!!! Charger connector.


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Nb1c+. 2300miles. 2 1\2 years.

This morning (17 degrees) I woke up wondering how much clothing to put on to go down to PepsiMart.

Looking out the patio door, I kept smelling something funny. I finally decided it was just in my imagination and headed off to don the Polar Bear suit and Body Armor.

Passing my beloved Death Machine (euc) I discovered the smell getting much more intense.

Upon further inspection:

I quite offen leave the Charger plugged in the wall, all the time.

Unplugged from my euc, last night I had simply dropped the Connector end onto the carpet like i have always done 900 thousand times before.

Apparently, it fell right exactly onto or bounced into, a very little piece of debris or hair or dirt or loop of carpet. Ok ok, you are right, it could have been a great big Rat decided to clean his teeth with it. I dont know what made the connection between the two pins.

It was hotter than living shit, soft and liquidy melted. Both the Connector and the Carpet.

I dont know, but it could have erupted in flames at any second.

Connector ruined. Carpet ruined. Todays ride ruined.

But, I was not burned alive!!!




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These charges are dangerous. I saw a picture somewhere, someone had made a charger cooler using a metal ammo box and Computer fan. He had several charging bricks in the box. One for each EUC he had. If you added a Spark arrest filter to the fan it could double as some fire protection. ....... Outlet times are a good idea too. 

Note: they make steel mesh spark arrestors for standard sized computer fans. 

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I've lost two gotway and two KS chargers from pops, and what I use now is just the cheap low amp chargers that don't give me any trouble. They charge very slowly but they don't heat up insanely, and for over a year they have been dead reliable.

I used to use a charge timer so you can plug both dead sides in without an arc, but the slow chargers don't arc in the first place.

Those 2-3 amp chargers are death.

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