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[Might be difficult] How much kWh/km consumption does KS-16X have?


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I would like to open new interesting discussion about energy consumption of this wheel. I fully understand there are many factors which will move the numbers, like weight of the rider, his height, if there is wind directly moving towards the driver, if the battery is fully charged, if the tempeture is this or that, if the tire pressure is XY, if the rider is driving constant speed, or slowing/speeding too much, if the driver is riding on asphalp or grass, if its winter or summer and probably milion other aspects.


This is why im putting the [Might be difficult] here. 


Teslas, e-trons, aston martins can have 15-30 kW/km, so I wonder, if the EUC is better or not.


Lets suppose this situation, the drivers is me, 110 kg (around 240pounds) fully geared, 2meters height, it's winter around 10° C (50 F), the tire pressure is, i dont know the limits now, lets say just few 40kPa (thats around 5.8 psi) below the maximum, I'm driving around 35 km/h (21,7 mph), no huge mountains, little hilly area, but mostly flat (i understand this might be very difficult as it might be huge factor), no winds, or very small ones.


Let's be theoretical, every calculations must be with took with some grain of salt.




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Good to see that you understand the elements that affect the consumption, so this doesn’t immediately become a ”Just another...” thread.  I think the most precise answer anyone can give you is:

”As much as any other modern wheel.”

Surprisingly, I’m sure it will fit in the range you mentioned.

Edit: Being bit blind... I meant that it will be in the 15-30Wh/Km range.

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1 hour ago, Ddolik said:

can have 15-30 kWh/km, so I wonder, if the EUC is better or not.

I would tend to say 15-30 Wh/km - so a factor 1000 better...

Edit: my first google hit for tesla consumption gave me "16,4 kWh/100 km. " which are 164 Wh/km - so way less what you proposed, but still more than an EUC.

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32 minutes ago, Chriull said:

which are 164 Wh/km

So depending on the number of passengers it can be almost equal.

5 people in the car => about the same as an electrical unicycle. Less people => EUC wins 

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I tend to agree with the 15-30 WH/km range.  Just looking at the specs of the various King Song EUCs and their maximum ranges with ultra perfect conditions and the wind at your back, the average came out to around 11 Wh/km.  Realistic would probably be close to double at 20-22 Wh/km, and then the hotdoggers are going to be even higher still.

Nothing scientific at all... Just running the numbers.

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