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Nearly new King Song 18XL creaking when changing directions at slow speeds (idling) help!

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Hey guys,

I just got this brand new 18XL with the 2200W motor from Ewheels and I've got about 100 miles on it now and it just yesterday after a couple hours of riding it started making this creaking when doing any kind of low speed direction changes. It was extremely subtle and less noticeable before yesterday to the point where I could hardly tell it was even there or any kind of abnormality. But something changed yesterday and now the creaky is longer and more pronounced. I saw one post on this from 2017 but there was never a posted solution. I'm not sure if the wheel is safe to ride and I also want it to not be noisy and be like I believe like my last 18XL was, silent. I'm guessing it's the pedal hanger bolts/screws whenever you want to call them which sucks, but please let me know when you guys think. I'll post links to a video. Thanks in advance!


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Maybe but that's why at the end I grabbed it from the pads instead of doing it from the handle. I haven't opened it up yet though since I have to get new lift sensors since they're faulty.

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