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INMOTION V11 (2020)

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Today I was extremely fortunate (along with my g/f) to meet up with both Jimmy Chang and Chooch in order to try both the prototype versions of the V11 and S18. And not just 'try' them, but I logged at

yeah, sorry. I lurk around here from time to time, but in general im much more active on reddit and fb.  I just received the v11 last night, immediately posted the pic on instagram and then went

I'm happy to inform you that Inmotion V11 support has been added to EUC World. New, 2.0.0 release is now available on Google Play.

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I like the look👍 the battery might be good tbh  depending how it uses its power, the  suspension looks good and the lights also cool looking,  tyre tread 👍 overall I like the wheel 50kmh is fine but how long will it substain that throughout the battery,   

I like it 😁👍

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Also not realy impressed.

  • just 50 km/h (and as we know inmotion, with decreasing battery levels this will quickly become less)

  • just 1420wh

  • Pads for jumping does not work anymore
  • 70mm suspension travel, but without driver. What's left over if someone's on it :confused1:

  • One crash and it'll be an expensive repair

  • Scorpion Trolley again :(

  • who wants to get the dirt out of the wheel after every offroad ride with so many openings and gaps?

But the Lights are awesome!

In my opinion it is more of a show wheel than an off-road wheel.




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Just now, UniVehje said:

Looks very nice and I don’t mind 50km/h but the battery is not enough! Waiting for V11F. 

Agreed. It was all going well, until the battery was unveiled. IMO, the front light + suspension kinda makes up for it. I know there aren’t that many nighttime riders, but I happen to be one of them so i appreciate the extra lumens. Also, I believe that they see suspension as an off-roading use case, but I’m looking at it from a commuters perspective, this will make the ride that much more comfortable. The V10f was already known for being the magic carpet of wheels, now adding sandpaper pedals and suspension to that equation = decent commuter wheel. Still not the happiest with the battery, but maybe later this year?

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Hmmm.  Interesting.  Need to wait for the actual reviews to see how it works in real life.  That was a very lame product introduction, but at least it is now official and we just have to wait for the influencers to get a test unit so we can see real world application.  

In general I like it, and if they make a V11F it would be more exciting.  

Waiting for the real reviews!

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8 minutes ago, buell47 said:

70mm suspension travel, but without driver. What's left over if someone's on it

Maybe heavy riders won't have any :D


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The Air-Spring Suspension is an interesting choice.


  • Tuneable for rider weight and riding conditions
  • Possibly real-time tuneable with electronic control valves


  • Air leaks and flats
  • Complex maintenance

It'd be amazing if the suspension was adjustable through the app, but since this wasn't mentioned in the presentation, I'm not holding my breathe. I just hope they provide some way to tune the suspension, even if it's just with a bike pump.

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Corrected mis-spelled words.
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I withhold judgement until I see the wheel in action by our usual gang of early reviewers. The only real point of interest to me is the suspension, so far. Let's see it perform.

Thinking of someone like Kuji riding this makes me wonder what happens when you bottom-out the suspension after a drop or jump. *Smash!*

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I like the look of the wheel. The lights fit in with the design very nicely. I think the deal breaker with the V11 will be the suspension performance and what options to tune are available.Back in the day when full suspension MTB came on the seen, some were unridable due to many factors, design, suspension components and quality of the components . I would be shocked if the V11 nails the suspension aspect in the first version.

The real testing will be by the people who test the wheels on youtube. They will provide the info we are all asking! 

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12 minutes ago, Cumulus Libre said:

The range is is ok for most of us.. 

One thing I didn't hear is the weight of this new V11F ?

The range stated would be fantastic for nearly everyone but sadly, with only a 1420Wh battery, that range looks like complete fiction. The problem with giving numbers like this is it makes you doubt the other stuff too. It's a also V11 not a V11F.

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