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It's quite frustrating reading the for Sale posts because folk don't put in info into the titles like location. Why not have a sticky post telling people what to include in their post ie:

  • Location (country and city) in the title
  • Whether they are selling or looking to buy in the title
  • Type of wheel (manufacturer and model)
  • Battery power
  • Age
  • Mileage (perhaps tell them how to get it from wheellog etc)
  • Photo's of the wheel and handle
  • Price!

Perhaps also tell them to put in a follow up post when they sell it.


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Thank you for the inspiration, it was overdue. A post with some rules has been added to the Private sales forum.

This isn't 100% final, so if you have any suggestions or improvements, feel free to discuss that here.

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Thanks for doing that, hopefully in time it will make things easier. You did ask for improvements ;)

  • East Coast isn't very location specific, we have a very pleasant East Coast here in the UK. 
  • Suggesting adding a wheellog status (or similar) might be useful though not essential.
  • If it was me then I'd ask for a fairly fixed pattern [WTB or Sale or Sold] - [Location] - [what you're selling or buying] - [optional price]
    • WTB - Beginner wheel - California
    • WTB - Gotway MSX - London
    • Sale - KS16S - New York - $700
    • Sold - KS16S - New York - $700
    • I'm not sure what the past tense of WTB is? Bought?



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The idea (for now) is to keep the requirements minimal (and therefore the moderation workload;)). We'll see how it goes and what else comes up.

Added "app screenshot" to the ideas due to your input. Thanks!


Personally, I think

Sale - KS16S - New York - $700
Sold - KS16S - New York - $700

looks visually too similar (especially if other posts have the same format). Titles like

Looking for 16S in New York
16S $700 New York
[Sold] 16S $700 New York

are easier to parse, right?

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