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Airwheel not powering on after motor cut-out


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I have a generic brand Airwheel and the motor cut out one day while I was riding (very scary).

Now the EUC will not power on. When I press the power button, nothing happens. It doesn't look like there is any sign of the motherboard being "fried" (aka burnt). I don't think the battery is the problem since the charger tells me it is charging.

What should I try to get the EUC to work again? Disconnecting wires from the motherboard and reconnecting them?

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Check fuses with a multimeter, and capacitors for puffing. Something must have blown.

I had a high speed cutout recently too but the wheel just powered on normally. I think it's the sign of a protection circuit getting triggered to protect the wheel (but not the rider).

In your case it sounds like there was no protection (better for the rider). It just rides until the wheels come off.

Did you overlean the wheel? Didn't it tiltback like it was supposed to? Do you weigh a lot? Weight impacts the power output a lot. Reviewers often don't mention their weight and so someone thinking they are average weight get the wrong impression. Average weight in china compared to the us must be like two extremes.

When chinese manufacturers set the available maximum speeds of wheels they hardly have heavy people in mind. The safety margin incorporated in the wheels can't possible take all rider weights in consideration. There must be some common sense when riding.

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Hi @alcatraz! Thanks for your reply.

To be honest, we were putting this extremely entry-level EUC through a lot. Riding it on trails over big tree roots and off curbs, etc. I weigh 150 pounds. I don't believe it did the tiltback before the cut-out happened. I was not going at a very high speed. It seemed quite random that it cut out at the moment it did. I don't think I will trust this EUC for anything other than teaching a beginner how to ride in the future. Nothing "extreme."

I have a multimeter but don't really know how to use it. Could someone please explain how to use it to check the fuses? Maybe there's a video of this process?

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