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Cory Brown

MCM5 Excitement - First Impressions - Review

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Excitement: (backstory)

My MCM5 arrives today and I am beyond excited! I saw my first EUC about a year and a half ago at a flow arts festival in Georgia. It seemed awesome, but I was too distracted by my sweet new LED juggling clubs to pay much attention to it. About a year ago, a few of my circus friends in Denver got themselves V8s and it reminded me of how awesome a wheel would be for Denver commuting. I started doing a bit of research and decided that a 16S would be a perfect wheel to get me started.

I started saving everything I could for the 16S and about a week away from having enough, I unexpectedly lost my job. I was pretty bummed since I was so close, and the next job I found barely paid the bills, so saving for a wheel was put on hold for the summer. I finally found a better job at the beginning of September, and saving resumed. By this point, the 16X had been released and definitely caught my attention. While Kingsong works out the waterproofing issues with the 16X, I decided it might be best to start with a 14S instead. That way when I eventually upgrade to the 16X, I'll have a nice small wheel for tricks and for my girlfriend to ride as well.

I was pretty sold on the 14S until I started talking to Photorph who recommended the MCM5. I hadn't really considered a Gotway wheel since most of my friends ride Kingsongs, but after a bit of looking, I realized the MCM5 would be the perfect starter wheel for me. It has plenty of torque for trail riding in the Rocky Mtns, plenty of range for my daily commute (6.5 miles each way), higher top speed than a 14S which means when I get a 16X, it will be able to keep up when my girlfriend and I ride together, and I've heard several accounts from people saying the MCM5 feels more like a 16 inch wheel than a 14, which was my biggest concern since I have a decent commute.

Anyways, I'm super excited to finally have my first wheel (of many!). I'll update this post with first impressions and a review after I spend some time on it. Thanks to everyone that shared their MCM5 experiences on here as those testimonials definitely helped in the decision making process. I'm so grateful that there is an active forum for EUC enthusiasts. Forums are infinitely better than Facebook groups for special interests.


Edit 1 - First Impressions:

This wheel is amazing! I've ridden a few Ninebots before, as well as a V8, but I'm definitely still in the beginner stage. I don't know if it was the wheel, or not being afraid of messing up someone else's wheel, but I felt way more in control on the MCM5. It goes wherever I want it to. Super nimble, and plenty of power. I imagine it will take a bit of time before I'm maxing this thing out.

I got in a couple hours of doing figure 8s in the parking lot of my apartment complex followed by some runs up and down the alley. At the end of the night, my buddy John came by on his Ninebot and we went for a lap around the nearby park. I fell quite a bit. Nothing substantial, but by that point, I think my stabilizer muscles were starting to give out which caused me to randomly lose control here and there. Definitely thankful for wrist guards. The MCM5 held up great. Only a couple of scratches that I really don't mind. I intend to trail ride with this wheel and let people learn on it so it's nice to get rid of the pressure of keeping it pristine.

I was also very pleased about a couple of small things too. In several reviews that I watched on the MCM5, they mentioned that the trolley handle was a bit too stiff. This wasn't the case on mine at all. It slides out with ease, but it's still stiff enough that there are no worries of it flying out unexpectedly. My MCM5 also came with black vents. I didn't necessarily hate the grey ones, but the black vents look 100x better. Completely unnecessary, but I'm definitely stoked about it.

We now have 8+ inches of snow and all I want to do is ride. I may take it out for some snow play a bit later.

Will update again with a proper review when I get some more miles in.

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Congratulations :cheers:  I can hear the excitement in your voice :)

The MCM5 is the most powerful hill climbing wheel ever made. It will allow you to climb mountain trails that no other wheel will. And it's also a great commuter type wheel.

Enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in your life ;)

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Thanks Marty,

Your MCM5 thread and videos definitely made a huge impact on this decision.

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