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remarks for riders in the northern hemisphere...


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winter is just around the corner.  so its time i put my wheels up for the winter time hibernation, and wait till next spring 2020.

been a good year,  (only a couple of falls, good falls - no broken anything...) and i got a faster wheel.

had some very good interactions with most cyclists,  and i only had 1 BAD experience with 1 taxi driver (and i did not have an action camera at that time...)

very thankful that this vocation exists,  and is supported by alot of users and retailers.

i hope that for the next year 2020 riding season,  we see more organized regulations on euc use, rather than more riding restrictions.  as well,  i hope that for

next riding season,  we see more new riders come online too.

y'all have a great holiday season coming up !!!!!




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I had fun riding my wheel around the house last winter until I was stopped by an angry old lady with a vacuum cleaner. ... You would not believe the claims she made about where she would store my wheel if she caught me on the thing in the house again. .... I would rather get stopped by the COPs. This lady was MEAN!! ... Although I don’t believe the area that she intended to store my wheel would be large enough I did not want to find out .....And besides the judge says that If I make her mad enough she gets to take half my stuff.... So I had to stop riding indoors. 

Luckily we don’t get much snow here and I can dress up well enough to ride outside. ...

....Having  to commute by foot all the way from the couch to the refrigerator is a real drag.  ... Maybe I will put wheels and a motor on my recliner like they do on YouTube. ....Or maybe I will get one of those college refrigerators to put beside my chair.   

Anyways .... Have a great winter!! 

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