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KS16X Cutoff/Overlean - 29-30mph

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I set safety margin alarm to 15% on eucworldapp. Pretty certain it has saved my ass from plenty of overlean accidents. I also set my 3 speed alarms/ tiltback 2km/h apart from eachother giving it more time and accuracy when hearing the beep 1, 2 and 3.  I'm brittle, so rather be safe than sorry

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Thanks for sharing this information. When you sent the email, with all this wonderful telemetry & direct video evidence, I thought it had to be shared for everyone to see the very real risk potent

Falling with a coffee cup in hand, what idiot would ride while drinking coffee???? 

Ah, good point. I'm ~176lb, probably ~190lb with gear. Everything seems to be good! This was less than halfway into my commute - RIP. Haha, but I made it the rest of the way just fine, keeping to less

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I see the max temp was 147F, any chance that had an effect? My 16X has hit 140F/60C a couple of times recently when I've been riding it aggressively for too long of a stretch on somewhat hot days. Surprised it cut out on you, doesn't look like you did anything wrong there.

I weigh around 215lb/98kg and keep it under 40km/h with a min safety margin of 20% usually on my rides per euc.world

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