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Ninebot Z10 stopped charging


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Hello All,

First Post

I'm a an avid EUC rider, riding everyday to work and back in busy London.

I currently ride a Ninebot Z10, which I love as the ride is so stable and I find this is really helpful when I am on the road with traffic.

Despite the many reports of issues, I had had none until 6 weeks ago, when my Z10 stopped charging up. it appeared to be charging as the battery charging display was flashing as per when it charges. but the batteries were not getting any juice and the light on the charger remained green at all time.

After many hours attempting to charge I decided to use the upload black box data option on the app and send the info to Ninebot, which they responded to very quickly.

But said they could not help until I had tested charging with another charger, after a few weeks I got another charger and tested to see if this was the issue, alas this was not the problem.

I have had suggestion that the problem could either be the charging port or possible a MOSFET,

Has anyone else had the same issue and managed to or have it repaired.

Or any ideas of how to get me back on the road?

I have the option of sending this to my supplier who is happy to get his service department to look into this, but I would prefer to try and fix this in London rather than returning it to Germany

Also if anyone has a good repair person in London that would also be very helpful.


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Thanks for your responses.

The batteries did get pretty low as I thought the wheel was charging and just headed out as usual for it to go flat and I had to WALK!!

I looked into what the issue could be and I found posts about the batteries going so low that they can't charge up. I though this could be the issue too.

So I followed one of the vids and charged my batteries directly from the charger using a extra piece of wire.

This worked I can charge the batteries in this way and my Z10 powers up and act normally. in the app both batteries appear and they are healthy.

So I know for the most part that my wheel is ok, the problem is between the charger port and the batteries.

Somebody mentioned they thought it could be a MOSFET and thoughts on this?

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The BMS is hardware. It contains many physical electrical components and any one of them could cause an issue with charging. Its mounted i side the battery pack. Given you can charge no problem through the main power leads (and both packs too) it suggests the bms is the problem, although like you say, there is an outside chance that the BMS is ok and there may be communication issues (maybe the motherboard 'switches on' the bms?) between the motherboard and the bms as there is deffo some kind of comms between them but exactly what they are I dont know.

Given that the bms is irreplaceable, if it was my wheel I would pull the whole thing to pieces and make sure that at least the feed from the charge port to wherever it goes has connectivity. Long shot but worth a go because any other options are big grief.

You can buy replacement motherboards but again I cant help feeling that this is a bms issue.

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Ok so built towards end of September 2018. I take it this was a s/hand wheel?

It doesnt help us much, but I asked because Ninebot claimed they did some upgrades (we havent confirmed what) to the wheel in April 2019. It would have been interesting if yours was built after this.

It still suggests a BMS issue, unless the feed from the charge port to the board can be confirmed suspect.

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I really dont think its a problem tbh. I have yet to see any real discernable difference between the packs after a ride and I have probably done around 1000 miles between my old Z6 and current Z10. I know Marty did, but it took some serious terrain to do so. Depends on what you ride on I guess.

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