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EUC (earthwheel) sometimes judders badly - advice please!


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We got an EUC last week - a thing called an Earthwheel. I can find NOTHING online about this brand; I think it was marketed by a short-lived company here in New Zealand. I think the wheel is japanese-made. If anyone knows anything about these, I'd be keen to heard from you.

It goes fairly well - after a couple of goes my 10 year old is riding it to school. The issue is that occasionally it starts to judder violently forward & back. I haven't looked inside it yet, but wonder if there is

(1) too much backlash in the drivetrain (if there even is a drivetrain)? Do these things have hub motors, or what?

(2) a problem with the gyro?

The problem is sporadic, but would be good to fix it - any advice most welcome!


Gavin GJ

New Zealand



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Do you have a picture of it? Curious how it looks.

Usually, shudder indicates the board is loose and moves against the pedals (causing erratic and possibly self-amplifying input to the tilt sensor). It may be loose board screws or some cracks in the shell allowing the board to move.

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