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Buying direct from Gotway - Good idea?

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Hello y'all! While I'm saving for a new wheel, I'm considering where I should buy from. Does anyone have experience buying direct from Gotway? Seems like that'd be the cheapest route. I don't really care about after-sales support or anything like that, just want the cheapest route for purchasing. If it makes a difference, I'm based in the US, looking at buying an MTen3 as my second wheel.

Also, is their Alibaba store where to buy from, or is there a better way to reach them?

(Also, this is my first post on the forum, so let me know if I need to fix anything!)

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Contact gotway and ask for pricing then compare against an authorized retailer’s price. You’ll have your answer. 

  Also- authorized dealers may offer competitive financing. Not sure if that’s a thing with manufacturers. 

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