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Blackwheel Jack

Airwheel Q3 (340Wh) for sale - UK

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My twin-wheel Airwheel Q3 is for sale at an asking price of £500. 


This is the top of the range Airwheel, the only Airwheel so far with a 340Wh battery giving a range of about 16-18 miles.  (Ignore quoted range claims - they are of the 'Volkswagon' type, greatly exaggerated) 


Purchased at the end of September, it has a retail price of £799. 


I have been learning to ride on it and have covered approximately 100 (dry) miles over 6 weeks.  Please note, it has plenty of scratches and scores on the casing as I didn't think to protect it for the first few weeks.  (It is now swaddled in cushioning).  You will understand why it is scratched after your first attempt to ride one of these things!) 


At time of placing this ad, it's only on its 6th charging cycle (994 to go...?). 


Willing to arrange delivery if near Glasgow and can demonstrate to anyone new to Wheels. 

Otherwise will organise a Payment-on-Delivery exchange at buyer's cost. 


Willing to drop price to £450 for anyone on this forum. 


I have a couple of other photos I can email/share which wouldn't fit this advert!



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There has been no interest in my Q3 for sale so far.

Anyone care to make an offer if the asking price of £450 is too high?

I'll weigh up any reasonable offer.....

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