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KS 18L Tire mileage?


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So, for the past couple of months I've been watching my tire more closely as I jump over the 2k mile mark. It's kind of hard to recall what my mileage was with my first controller board , I think it was ~500 miles....so it looks like I'm somewhere in the 2k-2.3k mile range.

My tire still looks OK. I can feel a couple mm of tread on the center line (most worn), and several mm of tread on the sides. I've already done 1 tube replacement, but this wheel is the best I have had for holding air. I have been going 3 or 4 weeks without refilling, and it typically only loses ~5 psi over several weeks. I am going to stick with putting the green stuff in my tubes from now on, I am sure it has helped.

What kind of range are you guys getting out of your 18L tires? (specifically for the 18L riders)  :)


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my 18XL has 3k km and the tire looks new... ive never had to replace a tire from wear most ive ever had on one wheel is around 15k km and it was perfectly fine though im a very light weight rider who always uses very high PSI and 90% of the time am on smooth roads.. so it largely comes down to your personal use scenario.. unless you feel the grippiness suffering i wouldnt worry about it you can ride it till its completely bare if you want

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19 minutes ago, Circuitmage said:

@Rywokast Will do. On motorcycles I always changed my tires before they were due...just for safety. I'll just keep an eye on this one, as it takes less abuse. :)


oh yea on a motorcycle that could be life or death and the tires are obviously spinning muuuuuuuuuch faster and generating a hell of a lot more heat and they are generally tubeless so if they go, that wouldnt be pretty... ive blown a tube a few times on my euc where it deflated rather quickly after being pierced and its not dramatic at all, just annoying having to push it home.. afaik there has never been a single known case of an actual tire blowing, you would have to have tens of thousands of km on it and be trying to if you ask me

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Actually, when I used to ride little 2 wheel scooters that had ~10" tubes, I blew one after letting the tire go to the thread. It was not very fun. Sounded like a gun shot right before I went over the handle bars.

So, making sure I don't let this get that bad.


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