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Share your favourite sounds effects to play through your wheel's speakers


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I know this theme has come up in a number of threads, but I've been meaning to play around with SFX for ages and never end up getting 'round to it. With the arrival of quite a few new members, the subject has come up again, so I figured I'd create a unified sound fx thread/database so we can all share and download, and ultimately, find new and creative ways to confuse the people we ride by :D:efef77eaf5:

Let's see, from what can already be found in the forum, I've got @Marty Backe:


The Jetson's wheel by @steve454:

(Jetsons car sfx can be found here)


Space/futuristic (a robotic fly from the future?) sounds by @Marty Backe:



Bicycle rear-wheel coasting sound suggested by @The Fat Unicyclist:



"Move on" (Blade Runner), recently suggested by @Lavabo:

If you want to annoy the hell of of people, and drive yourself crazy in the process, here's a one-hour "move on" loop: Blade Runner - Move on.mp3      :roflmao:

(Actually not a bad idea for crowded areas where pedestrians refuse to get out of the way... :efefa6edcf:)


As to my contribution, I've downloaded a number of space ship & UFO sound effects. I plan on stitching stretching/stitching together some hovering/sustained cruising FX to create a long loop (1h, for in case anyone's that invested in messing with people?), and having a separate start-up/take-off sound, as well as a slow-down/landing effect, which can be played at the appropriate times (cruising as "default" sound, so hit previous track for take-off > moves on automatically to next track = cruise > skip to next track for slow-down/landing.

But until I actually get around to doing that, here's my (lazy, pre-packaged) contribution for today:

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