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First Look at New InMotion V8F!

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Does every new V10 have the 750 Wh pack (e.g. if you buy from ewheels today), or is it a matter of being lucky?

How do you check whether a V10 has the 625 or the 750 Wh pack?

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10 hours ago, raiden00 said:

Interesting! So you are saying that if you buy a V10 from ewheels today you’ll get this upgraded version? Do you have any more info about this? The ewheels site still mentions 650 Wh. 

The silent upgrade to the V10 cells was first discovered/reported by EcoDrift: https://ecodrift.ru/2019/11/12/inmotion-v10-snova-na-sklade-dorabotki-i-novyj-akkumulyator-750vtch/ (it's in Russian, but I've found Bing/Google translate do a fine job of making this readable--also the photos of the new cells speak for themselves without translation)

I asked Jason about this who was able to confirm it was true with his InMotion contact(s). (I don't think I'm violating any trust by sharing this as it was already publicly announced by EcoDrift, Jason just re-confirmed it.) I believe it's a change with all new V10's (recently manufactured--no idea when exactly this change was made--and of course there's the issue of new vs old stock).

I don't know if there's any way to tell apart from opening the wheel and then the packs themselves to inspect the individual cells (*not* something I'd want to do). We don't know anything about wheel serial numbers. I don't know if it'd be possible to tell via software? (Someone else chime in/help here?)

Best bet would be to contact Jason who should be able to know based on recency of batch. I believe he said they continue to order more V10's & V10F's, so they must still be selling well such that stock should be fairly fresh.

The reason the etailers haven't updated their websites about this is that InMotion doesn't seem to acknowledge the spec bump publicly. Obviously at some point they had to replace the cells in the V10 due to failures or other supplier issues, and the next best cells they could source at a similar price just happened to have this side bonus of slightly higher capacity, but I'd bet the capacity jump was just an accident--not something they were aiming for. Maybe they don't want to be committed to keep the V10 at 750Wh and might use cheaper/lower cells again in the future? Or maybe they just don't want to undermine sales of the V10F (since now the two are that much closer in capacity) and/or just don't want to muddle the line-up by having them appear so much closer in specs on paper. *shrugs*

I'd bet a new V10 now/in the near future will have them, but who knows after another few months or a year from now.

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