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One android App for Two Wheels ? (EUC world / wheellog

Finn Bjerke

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On 10/26/2019 at 6:28 AM, Finn Bjerke said:

I have 2 Gotway EUCs the M super plus and the MCM5, I can connect to the first one but not the latter how do I solve that problem?  Battery range is important

I have  the same problem with Wheellog, I connected it to my V8, now I don't know how to connect I to my Mten3, is there an easy way to do that?

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hmm im not too sure what the issue is, wheellog has never had a problem connecting to any of my wheels.. just toggle the bluetooth and wheel icons until you get the list to come up where its searching for bluetooth devices.. make sure you let it fully populate the list before trying to connect, idk about you but theres about fifty bluetooth devices my phone picks up when i do this so i have to wait a minute for it to stop loading, then select the unicycle.. if you get a prompt for a password just hit ok.. thats it, it should remember the last wheel it connected to for next time, but if you want to switch back and forth between them you will have to reconnect again each time

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8 minutes ago, Finn Bjerke said:

Now it works - I now have simcard from Denmark the old one was from Norway - very strange

weird, must have been something to do with the phone then and not the app..

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Same phone new sim Card. I now have 2 phones and 2 Simcards, time for experimenting ... On the other hand the Huawai is very old... Importrant concluion is I donmt really like going more than 30 km/t

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