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Just pulled the trigger on a Tesla V2.  I have around 5 months of solid ride time on my onewheel xr.  I wanted to buy a cheaper euc, but I know in the past I tend to exceed the limits of beginner products.  Having to reinvest soon after starting.  I usually pick new activities quickly and have pretty good balance. (years of climbing, kayaking, skiing and slack lining)  So the difficulty intrigues me for sure.  Plus I see so many of my friends go from their wheel to an euc, and love it.  That being said I actually bought a mten3.. and got talked out of it.  If I wanted to shoot the moon I would have gone with an msx super.. but decided I would make that my next wheel if I enjoy my current one.  That being said I don't want to destroy this wheel.  I understand it is my first, and I have never ridden an euc.  Any tips to maximize my investment?  Pads, links, maybe ways to learn, grass, concrete?  anything helps thanks.. looking forward to my new journey.

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The first few scratches will set you free. These wheels can take quite a beating but they till take 100 unnecessary drops the first 2 weeks and then rarely drop after that.

Here is a little clip I made with some exercises that can be done without harming the wheel.
I also wrote the steps in the video description with timestamped links to the relevant parts.

It will be a bit of a mental battle though.

I also had a Onewheel+ XR and rode it for 1500 km. Sold it and used the money to buy a 16X so that my MSX could have a little brother.


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There are two paths to happiness:

  1. Buy the wheel of your dreams, and be done about it. Your dreams, requirements, needs and wishes will of course change with experience, but nothing will change or overcome that.
  2. Buy a beginner or an intermediate wheel for learning purposes. Depending on the wheel, you’ll be looking for your dream wheel again in a week or in a month.

If you go straight for the top one, just pad it up ridiculously excessively for a week or two, and no real harm is done to the wheel. When padded up, any wheel can take the starter tumbles without damage.

If you go for a learner wheel, you will commit to buying two wheels right from the start, and the learner wheel will either be just a bunch of lost money left in the corner or a secondary wheel for different purposes. Both can also be used as a loaner or to teach others.


My secondary wheel is my previous one, the 16S (mods: 2.5”, 1000Wh, DIY XXL pedals). It’s smaller and lighter than my MSX (knobbly, 1800Wh, powerpads, DIY XXXL pedals) so I sometimes use it to pick up the mail or to ride to and from the car. The fat tire also makes it a bit easier to ride at walking speeds, so I prefer it if I might ride with someone who walks.

Would I buy a secondary wheel to the MSX if I didn’t already have the 16S? Absolutely not, the thought would not even pass my mind. Every time I hop on the MSX after riding the 16S I get a big fat smile from the incredible increase in stability and sheer power.

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4 hours ago, Tim Widmer said:

Nice!  keeping it at the moment for my boy.. but if things go well I need a long range monster. lol

Welcome to the forum! 

I think what you'll find is that the eWheels are safer than the XR (as well as being faster, longer range, etc.) If you get into trouble with the Tesla, you can just step off. Dismounting from the XR is tough without landing on your back-side. That's bad because all your safety gear is on your front-side generally (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.) I was watching Mythbusters the other day, and Adam Savage was riding across a flat runway tarmac on his XR and fell right on his butt. As soon as you figure the eWheel thing out, you can give the Tesla to your son, sell the XR, and buy a beefier wheel.  :P

To my mind, the wheels you won't "outgrow" are (in no particular order): Gotway Nikola, Kingsong 16X, Gotway MSX, Kingsong 18XL, and the Gotway Monster. All are strong, fast, long range beasts.


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