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Jumping with heavy 1600wh EUCs - Who can do it? - Show me your pads.

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10 hours ago, buell47 said:

What's your shoe size? Looks too far back.

Not sure if you were talking to me, but the way I set the ankle pads was to cup the top of my ankle and wrap around the back. My thought is it'll help me find how far back I want my foot to be on the pedals quicker. I wear a size 10.5.

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I use yoga mats upholstered with faux leather on both my Gt16 and new 16x. Held on with super thin baby safe velcro from aliexpress. You have to search for the term "hook and loops" to find them. This allows fine tuning to match different shoes. 

Its ridiculously grippy on bare skin. Almost feels like someone giving you a chinese burn the first time you put some serious power into a jump but got used to it quickly and really comfy now. 

I think the kind of faux leather matters for maximum grip. Mine happens to be a really soft kind with no embossing.

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