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New 18XL arrived with a CST C-1488 tire!


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My brother received a new 18XL two weeks ago from the ChickWay webshop (= Green Fashion @ Aliexpress). To my surprise, it arrived with the CST C-1488 tire (Nikola, Msuper v3), rendering moot my warnings about the slipperyness of the ChaoYang H-5102 (Msuper X, earlier 18XL).

”Who cares?”, I can already hear some of you ask. Let me answer with an example:

Just a few days after receiving the wheel, me, my brother and our (hard) core offroad group went to ride on new challenging cliffs. Grass, mud and moss sections were still wet. After a while my brother asked to try another 18XL to get a feel of the DIY rised sidepads. Despite my warnings on the slippery tire, he almost spilled the first time after just 20 feet. I could see the muddy moss fly 3-4 feet high from the skidding tire. He said that he had slipped a bit a few other times as well.

We finalized the trip riding through a forest path that was a lot muddier than I thought it would’ve. I have a knobby so I was of course speeding like it was dry, but the owner of the sidepadded wheel took about twice the time of the rest of the group, and had to jump off several times. Granted, he is not quite as experienced as the rest of us, but he has otherwise kept up great and I’m certain he would’ve had a lot less trouble with the C-1488 tire.

In addition to the vastly superiour grip offroad, I felt as if the C-1488 would’ve made it easier to turn tight 180• turns, in a same way that a wider tire does. Although, I haven’t tracked the tire pressures of my 18XL experiences, so the difference might actually not be due to a different tire model after all.

Anybody else recently gotten an 18XL with the CST tire?

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I got an 18L last week and it also has that tire, I don't have a benchmark and I don't drive in the terrain. The wheel is an upgraded model, judging by the steel handle tubes, the cargo was in Scottish customs for almost a month (a very long time to wait).
I am forced to use the Google translator, so I do not answer their syntactic errors.

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They changed to the CST tire for the recent 18XL V2. My brother got a sort of a hybrid version, sort of a V1.5; it has the white stronger inner shell and the CST tire, but the old 2000W motor. 

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5 hours ago, mozart said:

How to read the KS serial number would give you certainty when the bike is made.

It’s been said that the serial number stamped on the new motors begins with ”KS-18-ZX2000...”

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