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I would like to buy a Gotway 18 with an 850wh battery.

Can anybody help me find a legitimate seller please?

I live in Birmingham, England (UK).

Obviously, the cheaper the better but I would like a reliable/trustable company.

Unfortunately I don't have any friends in China that can send me one.

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Jane Mo has just emailed me that she is shipping my 18" & 10" out to me on Monday. She is with the manufacturer and has the advantage that if you ask her she can program the dreaded warning beeps to come in at a higher speed than the standard 23kph indicated 20kph by gps.

Alternatively there is the official international dealer Kevin Lee that has supplied a lot of people. I believe he fits a potentiometer mod to turn down the volume of the warning.

There is also Mathias Mestermann, member on this board, who is importing Gotways to Switzerland. I believe he is working on a way to get around the duties somehow using their duty free status but I'm not sure if he's managed that yet.

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