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Official Gotway website MCM4 specs and announcement about the currently buggy app

John Eucist

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Announcement about the buggy app causing low tilt-back speed



(copy and pasted from their website verbatim)

Statement about Gotway MCM4 APP Beta version(Gotway1016)2015-10-22 17:12:57

1.The default speed of pedals tiltback is 16km/h ,actual alarm speed differs from different air pressure of tire or rider’s weight.

Besides ,the civil GPS equipment has inevitable minor error ,which may cause the test speed not reflect the true speed .

2.The pedal tilt-back alarm can be set at different speed from 16-25km/h.

Advanced user can also cancel the alarm via APP. To insure the security of riding ,keeping the alarm function is strongly suggested .

3.The new APP beta version has bugs .Users cannot change the alarm speed of the pedals tilt-back alarm.However ,it will not affect the security and performance of the MCM4 itself.

4.If phone system language is set as English ,new APP will altered to English version automatically.The new APP beta version might not applied to some phones  ,the app might crash when user’s trying to open it.

5.We are sorry for the inconvience that might cause for the some MCM4 users. Gotway’s engineers will fix the bugs  and offer a stable version APP as soon as possible .We suggest users to download the latest APP directly from our website www.kebye.com

Thanks very much to our great users ,for the support and suggestions.

Gotway Inc.

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I have the MCMv2 but I don't regret having it. It is a mature and well proven model. It already suits my needs since I do not push the limits and I like it slow.

I just want to have a better app.

I know two driving MCM2. One had a broken PCB (maybe driving style of the rider). But I think they're reliable. Old school and well designed.

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In our in our rider group we've two MSuper and 2 MCM2. Both can be seen as very valuable and getting good distances. The MSuper making an incline run to a flat road ;) the MCM2 is a good one for also doing tours, small to commute and strong enough with not so heavy people also for the inclines over here.

MSuper and MCM2 do not have lights so you need modifying it or wear a head lamp driving them in the evening. 

MCM4 comes with I call them "typical Asian lights and modes". Looking like a Christmas tree ligh on steroids/ psychedelic. That needs to be reworked. Kingsong shows a practical kind of lights.

We're just waiting for two Kinsong KS14-800W/ 680 Wh for testing and comparison. One guy over here want to upgrade his MCM2 to an MCM4. That's showing an interesting battle KS vs. GW ;)

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1 hour ago, adoboFosho said:

Weird isn't the mcm4 more ninebotty I thought was from the UK so its not really Asian but yeah I was tossed up between this and ks  til I saw how beautiful the mcm4 is after seeing the lights

For the lights, my preference would be Ninebot One > IPS Zero > Gotway MCM4. --

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