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Backrest for e-scooters needed?


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No, you can't take your hands off the handlebars on a scooter ...if you do you will eat road, a young man was killed here a few days ago because he lost control of his lime scooter & landed on the back of his head on the road ...l recently saw a video of a woman smacking her face into the road for no apparent reason, other than not paying attention.

When, and l say when not if, l get fucked-up on my scooters, l don't think l like the idea of landing on top of it, because l am attached to it.

Companies that encourage people to double up with kids & girlfriends don't impress me ...and l think that Kickstarter device invites people to kill themselves.

Hold on tight & keep your eyes on the road, etc

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2 cents worth
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