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1.2.7 Firmware Matters


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Yesterday I updated 1.2.2 firmware to 1.2.7 and I have ridden 10 km.

I think that it is a bit different to ride on it now, I mean it seems that that you need more effort to move the 9Bot1.

It seems that the 9Bot1 tends to decelerate more than before (the sensation is that the 9Bot1 is heavier now)

My driving mode is 3, the same than before.

Also, the engine makes a little more noise.

Do you have that impression too?

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Definitely, 1.2.7 firmware is a shit!

I have been riding this morning and the speed in my 9B1E+ is too low compared with 1.2.2 firmware. I was nearly riding like a pedestrian and the app said 9 km/h.

The 9B1 started to tilt in 22-23km/h and I can say that my speed would be 18-19km/h or less in 1.2.2 firmware.

This is very dissaponting, now speed is reduced considerably in 9B1 E+

Is 1.2.7 firmware bad designed or is it designed for 9B1 P and should not be installed in 9B1 E+?

I have updated the app some days ago (it says 9B1 P support)

Maybe there is sometning wrong with the models, the app and the firmware.

It is a pity that such a great unicycle design does not go with a reliable firmware.

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Many thanks Viktiga for this original visit of Oslo. I am impressed by your velocity and ease on your Ninebot. It could be a good idea to have a video gallery on this site.

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At last, I think I fixed it!

I recalibrated the attitude sensor with the app and now the speed of 9b1 seems to be ok (only 3 km ridden since that)

What is the attitude sensor? You reset it just by holding ninebot still while you click it from the app?


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