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Counterfeit xt60 connectors on v8?

Brandin J. Mercer

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Anyone else notice counterfeit xt60 connectors connecting the battery to the main board on the solo wheel/inmotion v8? I was a bit surprised when I encountered this on mine. I had mine open for the first time to try and figure out a tire wobble issue. Initially I was quite surprised by the quality of everything from the main board to the quality of wire they used being so good, till I pulled out the xt60 connector and was like hmmm. Now the only reason I recognized it so quickly is my ender 3 3d printer had counterfeit xt60 connectors on it and they quickly turned brown from excessive heat creating cause for concern of a fire hazard. They also disconnected too smoothly. Real ones are quite snug and have a metallic "ting" noise when u pull them appart, and the first dead giveaway is the Male and female connectors do not match in color. The concern for safety of this being quite obvious has anyone else noticed this on their v8's or anyone with significant milage like 500mi or so check their connection for any browning?

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XT60 is just a name for the connector type. No matter who makes it, it is still an XT60 connector, so there can’t really be counterfeit ones. There sure are low quality ones available though, and I too recently received a bag of XT60 connectors that are very roughly cut and weigh absolutely nothing. Sadly it’s not a surprise to find low quality components factory installed in our EUCs.

Are you planning on replacing the connectors to better quality ones?

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