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Creaking wheel. Is it safe? (video inside)


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I've got a couple hundred km's on this Kingsong 16s, and today I noticed it creaks when I put press my shins onto the side panels.
Is this safe to ride? any way to fix it? I've tried tightening the screws under the rubber pad that is beside the pedal, but they were already at their tightest. 
I've never opened the wheel up before so I'm not sure I have the tools to.
Any thoughts? 

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That sounds mechanical. No safety concern then.

The first sound is almost like the tire is very low on pressure and makes that sound with the ground. The second sound (where you push on the shell) is basically nothing important.

If I'm not very much mistaken (I have no 16S): the small screws on the outside only hold the side panels in place, they do nothing more. The important screws are the bigger ones inside holding the shell on the metal pedal hangers (and they're not accessible from the outside I think). You'd need to remove both side panels to check and if necessary tighten them. All you need is the appropriate screwdrivers (and an allen key/hex key for the pedal removal).

Another possibility is small cracks in or damage to the plastic shell. You would also see that with the side panels removed. Cracks tend to form in the corners just where the shell is screwed to the pedal hangers, but they can also be in other places. Small cracks can lead to creaking if they allow the shell to move in places.

As long as the board doesn't start to move against the motor/pedal hanger/pedal assembly, it's no safety issue at all. And if that were to happen, you'd notice the wheel vibrating and bucking.

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Ahh I see, In that case I think I'll just live with the creaking! I think my wheel is at 45 PSI, filled it last week at the gas station lol. 

There's no vibration or anything like that when riding, it's really smooth! That's a big load off my mind :) Thanks for the advice

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I just looked at a 16S disassembly video and the 6 screws holding the shell on the pedals are indeed accessible from the outside. All you need to access them is remove the ankle foam. So if these are tight, that's the most important thing.

8 hours ago, Qwert said:

Ahh I see, In that case I think I'll just live with the creaking!

I'd still investigate. Your wheel is really new (low mileage) and shouldn't just creak. Doesn't that bother you?:)

Also there's the chance a small and unimportant problem might become bigger. Who knows. Unexplained new noises and behavior from a EUC should always raise an eyebrow.

Maybe it's just some plastic part (like a LED cover) rubbing against the shell, but still...

Opening a EUC seems scary, but once you've done it, it's no big deal. And for your purposes (looking), from the video it looks like all you need is two screwdrivers to remove the side panels (not even the pedals). Or even just the right side panel that makes the noise when pushed against. Why not try it? Or at least poke your wheel a bit and try to find out what plastic part (presumably) makes the noise.

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My opinion is your EUC have the outer small screws holding the shell bit loose. They ar under the led stripes. Also a cracked shell suld do the same noise. It seams it has swaped side pads, there suld be kingsong logo on it. Only the replacement lacks of it. Is the weeal second hand purchase; Her in this video you can see how to disassemble the KS 16 EUC and get a picture witch screws to tiden up. There is a second schell with small screws holding it together.


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Extra info
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