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Cannot remove V5F cover/face with screwdriver

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Got a puncture. Managed to get to this point in the repair - removing the plastic body cover using a screwdriver in the notch. But I just can't get it off whatever I do.

I found the two notches on the lower side of the wheel and I can use a screwdriver to loosen the body slightly at the bottom but I can't make the top part move at all. It feels like its stuck in the middle. Have been trying for ages, any tips!?

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From this video it looks like it should just snap off at that point:

Not sure if it's the same on the V5, but on the V10, the covers snap in place and was really hard to get off.  I thought I was going to break the cover before it came loose, but just had to pry the crap out of it with a screwdriver.  I wrapped the end of the flathead screwdriver in electrical tape to cushion it and damage the plastic a bit less.  Then started prying at the point where it separated the easiest and gradually worked it around the shell, similar to that video.  Eventually it popped off, but it took quite a bit of force.  I hate these kinds of snap together designs, even though they do feel more solid when assembled.  

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Double-check to make sure you've removed all screws (two on the front and back lip, three underneath the cushion, two underneath the valve cover). Then pry it open bit by bit. Gently pry it with a bit of force until you feel the cover flex, and see where the next attachment point is. Once you've popped one or two catches, slide your minus screwdriver deeper into the case and pry around gently.

Try to work your screwdriver deep into the spot I've circled in red, between the inner and outer shell, and pry upwards. If you can't get your screwdriver in at first, try to work it loose with your fingers.


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