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Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, P assorted parts, light gray leg pads, European and Australian power supply cords, broken top handle

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I have inadvertently collected some spare parts that I believe are mostly interchangeable between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, and P models.

Anyone want the whole lot? Does anyone want any single item or some items? Items crossed out have been sold and their associated pictures deleted.

  1. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. It should work with the previous Ninebot One models as well, although the Ninebot app may not recognize the extra battery capacity. I paid about $300 for this battery. (I had ordered a P model, but it was discontinued before I received it).
  2. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. (I have a second battery)
  3. Replacement charging port and wire. It also allows a battery to be charged outside of the wheel.
  4. Replacement charging port and wire. (I have a second one)
  5. Flathead and Phillips screwdriver pair that are perfect for removing the LED light ring and battery cover on a Ninebot One E+ and I assume the previous Ninebot One models as well.
  6. Vivitar hardshell zippered case that fits perfectly a spare 340Wh battery, with room for the two screwdrivers and charging ports. Includes a new foam insert that can be customized.
  7. Pair of Ninebot training wheels, which are for getting a better understanding of how a self balancing device operates, not to ride around with them installed, because turning isn't possible.
  8. Pair of light gray leg pads from a Ninebot One E+ with some visible wear and minor damage.
  9. Two new rolls of light green padding with two new rolls double-stick tape from 3M that came with a Ninebot One E+.
  10. European power supply cord, rounded two-prong, new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S.
  11. Australian power supply cord, flattened three-prong , new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S.
  12. Ninebot One E+ printed Quick start manual and warranty card
  13. Ninebot One S1 printed user manual and warranty card
  14. Top handle with the metal fitting at one end broken











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I am answering here some PM questions about getting a new battery for an E+, so everyone can benefit from my answer.

The battery for the E+ is 320Wh. The two batteries I have for sale are each 340Wh, a 6.25% increase in capacity over the 320Wh. These 340Wh batteries were designed for the Ninebot One P, a more advanced version of the Ninebot One series at that time, briefly available after the E+.

The 340Wh battery will work in an E+, although the Ninebot app may misread it's capacity by about 6%. The power should still be there, the app just may not show it correctly. I am offering my two new 340Wh batteries for $300 each or $500 for both. I will include ground shipping within the contiguous U.S. and to Canada for free. Buy both and I'll send you everything shown here, including the carrying case, tools, charging ports, leg pads, and training wheels. With a little practice, it's possible to easily switch to a fresh battery in under five minutes, effectively doubling your range.

Consider a replacement EUC instead. A 14-inch King Song KS-14D with a 340Wh battery is a great upgrade from an E+. It's more comfortable and faster, costs $750 brand new with a one year warranty, and includes the larger, better 10-inch pedals installed. The 14D with a 420Wh battery is just $100 more at $850, with 23.5% additional capacity over the 340Wh.

The best transition from an E+ to a better EUC is to the King Song KS-16S. It sells for $1350 and has a 16-inch tire like the E+. An even better EUC and a reasonably easy transition is to the King Song KS-18XL, selling for $2250 with a 2nd charger. The 18XL is a noticeably larger and heavier wheel, but with it comes a higher cruising speed and increased range. Both the 16S and 18XL come with the 10-inch pedals. Shipping an EUC to Canada is about $100. Shipping within the contiguous U.S. is free.

I make these recommendations having owned all of the EUCs I mentioned and transitioning myself between them, and having ridden many other EUCs as well. There is an especially easy transition between the older Ninebot One series and the more recent King Song 14D, 14S, 16S, 18L, and 18XL models. I suggest anyone who is coming from a Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, or P to upgrade to a King Song. Other makes and models will be less familiar, but likely can be handled with some additional practice.

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7 hours ago, Obah said:

What's the mother board price?

Hello! I don't have a motherboard for sale. To find one, just do a Google search for: motherboard ninebot one E+

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On ‎11‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 12:43 PM, smoore88 said:

hi will item 7 fit ninebot one e+

if so how much with postage to plymouth Pl5 4EZ please 

Item #7 would have fit the E+, but has since been sold. I only had one set.

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On ‎1‎/‎19‎/‎2020 at 10:56 PM, Natgrunberg said:

Hi.  I am interested in The lot of parts of nine other one! 

Take all the remaining parts, if you'd like. My phone number is in my signature. Feel free to call or text me.

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