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How to best post pictures and videos

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Attachments on this forum

This forum has an attachment functionality that allows you to upload pictures and other stuff.

  • Your space for attachments is very limited and you'll run out quickly. This forum is not meant to store lots of your data.
  • For serious posting of pictures and videos (and other big stuff), use an external image host or video site (or cloud file storage). The attachments on this site are just a small extra to get started and attach small things or very few pictures quickly and easily.
  • You cannot delete attachments. If you want an attachment deleted, contact the site staff.
  • The attachment functionality may not be available for very new users to prevent abuse.

Uploading Pictures

  • If you want to post more than a couple of pictures, we recommend using an image host.
  • An image host is a website specialized to store your images so the general public can see them online. There are tons of free ones, so choose the one you like best. They are usually frictionless and quick to use. Examples are https://imgbb.com/ or https://imgur.com/
  • Many image hosts even allow quick and anonymous uploading without an account. Beware, that means you cannot delete images after the fact (but you can edit them out of your posts on this forum).
  • Simply paste a picture's address (URL) in the text entry box and it will display - see below.

Uploading Videos

  • Videos are best hosted on YouTube or another video site.
  • YouTube videos can be embedded in your post instead of just showing the link. Simply paste the address (URL) and the video should embed automatically - see below.

Pictures and videos from your cloud storage

  • You can also post pictures (and other things) from your personal cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.
  • Cloud storage is usually meant for your private data. If you post a picture or other thing from your cloud storage, make sure the permissions are set to public so everyone can see it.
  • Careful! It may display correctly for you because you are logged in to your cloud storage, but other people cannot see what you posted. Best to check in another browser or from another device (where you are not logged in to your cloud storage) that the general public can see what you posted.

How to display pictures in a post - "Help, my pictures won't show!"

  • To display a picture in your post, simply copy and paste its address (URL) into your text entry box. It will automatically display instead of showing the link.
  • Do not use the "link" button in the tool bar, because it will produce a clickable text link instead of directly displaying the picture. But if you want to produce a clickable text link and not display the picture, this is how you do it.
  • Many websites and image hosts will not give you an easy way to get the full image URL and will provide only a shortened embed link of some kind. This often happens if you use a provided "Share" button. Sometimes these short embed links work when pasted into the forum, sometimes these won't work and the picture will not be displayed, instead you only get a text link.
  • HTML code and similar also won't work.
  • If the picture doesn't embed into your post on this forum, you have to manually copy and paste it's full URL (hotlinking). You can get the full URL by right-clicking the image (or long-tapping on mobile) and choosing "copy image address" or "copy link" (or similar) in your browser.
    Here's an example:
    This picture has been uploaded to https://imgbb.com/, and they provide this shortened embed link to copy and paste for you.
    But it displays only as text link, not as a photo!
    Right-clicking the image and choosing "copy image address" gives the full URL:
    If you paste the full URL into a post, it will display as image, like this:x.jpg

How to display videos in a post - "Help, my YouTube video won't embed!"

  • To embed a YouTube video, copy and paste its URL into your post. Here's an example of a full YouTube URL:

    Note how it is "youtube.com". Pasting the link will automatically embed the video, like this:

  • Do not use the "link" button in the tool bar, because it will produce a clickable text link instead of embedding the video. But if you want to produce a clickable text link and not embed the video, this is how you do it.

  • Previously, pasting a shortened YouTube link would not embed the video, but that seems fixed now (or is it?). You get such a shortened link by using YouTube's "Share" functionality. Here's the shortened link for the same video:


    Note how it is "youtu.be". Pasting this link will also automatically embed the video (or... sometimes it will?).

  • If you ever have problems with a YouTube video not embedding, just paste its full address (youtube.com/...) and it will work.

  • Embedding videos only works with YouTube, not other video sites.

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