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V8 sometimes failing to turn on

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Hi all. 

My Inmotion V8 is starting to develop a scary tendency: many times, when pressing the button to turn it on, the outer part of the battery status display lits up (blue), a very short sound is emitted, like the start of the normal start up sound, but then it turns off again. 

I thought I maybe had it moving, or not straight... but it just happens even if the wheel is stable and straight. Almost every morning now requires two to three tries before it properly boots. 

Moreover, today, one even more scary episode: while cruising very slowly, it emitted the normal start up sound, as if it quickly turned off and on, and did a small kick back on the pedals. 

What should I do? 

The wheel has less than 700km.

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There was discussion here not too long ago about abortive attempts to power on, followed by success.

I have not experienced a stutter and a replay of the start-up tune while out on a roll.  If I did, I might consult the vendor for guidance!

(By the way:  sounds are associated with events in the app.  At your leisure, you could check whether the sound you hear upon power-up is also used for another purpose.)




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It's mostly just the switch that's finicky. Make sure the wheel is still/not moving and hold the button down a little bit firmer and longer when you press it and you shouldn't have that problem. Either way the finicky switch doesn't seem to have any relevance to safety as the switch is completely disabled when the wheel is moving.

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