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Is anyone familiar Ocetysa?

EUC Extreme

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To be really honest, looking at that advertisement and the specifications, or rather, the lack of any decent specifications, the use of pictures of a totally different EU etc. I would stay miles away from this product.


A colleague from work wanted to have an EU after having seen my Solowheel, but found it to be too expensive for his taste.

He shopped around and finally bought a CXInwalk 16" EU over the internet. 

After waiting for close to a month to arrive, when he received it, it simply didn't work. Wouldn't even switch on.

Of course he mailed the supplier but never ever received an answer.

Luckily for him, afte a while, he got his money back through Alibaba. 

After a while, he gave the EU to me, and I still have it. Perhaps I can get it running somehow, but probably not.

On the pictures it looked OK, but seeing it in real life, the quality was definately less.

I opened it up and was also not impressed by the way parts, motor and batteries were fitted inside.


Not seeing this is the case with every EU, but the more different brands of EU I see, the more inferior quality you get.

Sometimes it looks to me like every other shop in China is suddenly producing electric unicycles and I would be very weary of buying something from across the world from which I have not seen any decent reviews off.

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As a EU by self, I can not see any better wheel as a GotWay for this price!

Maybe there are EU's where have more playtools build in, but this is not what we are looking for, or?

There is one little thing it is very importent to me; GW does not raise there pedals* if you speeding, only for battery protection (low or high) and most wheel raise even at low speed!


So; vee73: Are you not happy with the wheels you have? Do you think there is something that can be better?


I know one little thing that can be better....almost for every wheel: A good instruction manual with clear technical data.


* Not my GW14 and not my GW18 until 25kph (GSP speed) ...and this is already faster then I can run!

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Late to this post but hopefully can give some useful advice if you have not already ordered it.  Looking at the specs I was wondering why they had the term (water) next to each spec, as it didn't correspond to anything.  Then I realized (I could be wrong about this if someone else can correct me) that there is a term used in Hong Kong and China translated as "Water Stock".  What this means is that they have stock on a product which was designated to be sold within a different country.


For example.  1000 units where manufactured and assigned to be sold within Australia and only Australia for the equivalent of say $1000US.  Somehow this company managed to get hold of 100 units and because they are meant to be sold in Australia they give you a better deal of $600US.  You order one and it gets shipped off to your country which is not Australia and you save yourself some money.  The only bad thing about this arrangement is that if the unit breaks down with in the first year it is highly unlikely that you can send back to manufacturer for replacement because you don't have paperwork from the official supplier to support the guarantee.


Your only hope then is if the company that you originally bought from is a big enough company that they have arranged product replacement of their own.

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